All China Nash Hash

History of the All China Nash Hash

Sometime in mid to late 2001, it is fabled that after far too many Qingdao Beers and Margaritas at the famed Mexican Wave, Rick “Ratchucker” Head of the Beijing Hash suggested to develop their upcoming 1000th run to be a first Nash hash to encourage

participation from others in the mainland and indeed the wider China borders. Being the other 2 most active hash chapters, an email was quickly dispatched to Doug “White Trash” Barrett in Shanghai and John “Roomboy” Malins in Chengdu. Each in turn contacted other chapters to spread the word.

Shanghai was a logical choice for the second Nash Hash being China’s other largest conurbation with an expanding expat base, active business community, easy to get to and a thriving hash itself. With the departure of Ratchucker the democratic process of selecting the subsequent venue was left with Roomboy and White Trash. Far from being a secret ballot or the like, the author regrets to advise you that it was usually a purely arbitrary decision based on logistics, fairness, geographic spread, resources available locally, appeal of the destination, accessibility, and commitment to success from the host chapter.

So far, as is traditional in hashing, no failures. Initial focus was only on the mainland as Hong Kong and Taiwan were always considered big enough, experienced and more mature to host their own area hashes.

The whole affair also spawned the inception of this website to try to provide definitive info for interested parties and was a base for the info for inclusion for each world Interhash directory from Goa onwards to the present day.

No 1: Beijing 2002 (photos click here)

Below follows a record, as best known to the author from records kept so far: The First Nash Hash, which was combined with the BH3 1000th was held in Beijing, May 18th and 19th 2002. The former May 18th being the BH3 100th, and the latter, May 19th being the 1st Nash Hash. These were preceded by runs 999-999G from 24 March until that fateful May weekend, to secure a day with potentially good weather and the Nash Hash was co-numbered the BH3 run #1009 to put the hareline back in order. The Hash itself was held in Fragrant Hills, hared by Rugburn, Ratchucker, Prickly Nipples and Quick Draw. The 4 BH3 1000th runs were the Great Wall hared by Wrong Way, Artsy Fartsy and Chris Fry, the Ming Tombs hared by the Rat, Old Summer Palace hared by Rear Entry and Masturbaker, and Houhai Lake hared by Chubby, OP and Don.

No 2: Shanghai 2003

The second Nash Hash (Called Pan China) was hosted by Shanghai in August 29-31, 2003. The Saturday runs were: #1 Dong Shan, hared by Boring English Cunt and Domestic Violence, #2, Wu Jing, hared by Wee Wullie and Spiderman. #3 Qing Pu, hares Terminal Bottom Ailment and Pavarotten, #4, She Shan, hares Body Shot and Raunchy Reverberation. The Sunday runs were #5, Gao Qiao Pu Dong, hared by No Balls, Ball & Chain and YMCA, but was cancelled due to a too early start, hangovers and fierce competitor from run #6, the bund, hared by Octopussy and Empty Vessel, and run #7, in the French Concession hared by Two Dogs Fucking and Mayo Pijou from the host venue Memories. The Saturday night included a boat trip down the Huang Pu River to view the Bund.

No 3: Chengdu 2004 (photos click here)

The third was Chengdu, May 1st & 2nd 2004. Four runs on the Saturday being Long Chuen Yi hared by Biggus Dickus and Pissing Down, Huang Long Xi Ancient Town hared by Wasabe, Pengshan the sex museum and the giant carved stone Buddha hared

by Dr Sleeze and Bai Ta Hu Lake, hared by Octopussy assisted by TBA. Sunday featured one mega hash at the Panda base hared by Singapore Kernel and Pixie.

No 4: Sanya 2005 (photos click here)

The fourth was held in Sanya, Hainan Island in April 2005 organized by Ma Hai. The weather was hot and because of the number of attendees the circles apparently ran out of beer. The long was very long and the short was also long. There were over 1200 attendees, mainly overseas Chinese from Malaysia and Indonesia, some even managed to book 0.99c flights with a new low cost carrier as their promotion fare.

2005 HKG Forbidden hash

On 11-13 March 2005 a group of Hong Kong based Hashers including Catch Of The Day, Haggis, Smallbone, Emma Royde and Caligula organised an unofficial All China Nash Hash to celebrate 35 years of hashing in Hong Kong. A total of 8 runs were organised by Hares from the various Hong Kong based Hashes: Little Sai Wan, Kowloon, Royal South Side, Free China, Hash House Horrors, Sek Kong, Wanchai and Northern New Territories. One of the Hashes in Hong Kong refused to participate and threatened to “forbid” the event so, in typical hash spirit, it became known as the Forbidden Hash.

No 5: Guilin 2006 (photos click here)

The fifth, organized by Keith Noyes on behalf of the peripatetic Free China Hash in 2006, was held in Guilin and featured live hare A-B runs. The arrival run was through the city, then an early morning bus ride to Yangshuo for runs of differing lengths that ran along river banks, through paddy fields, irrigation canals, farmlands and bush and the circles were all held on river banks with swimming (voluntary and sometime involuntary).

No 6: Haikou 2007 (photos click here)

The sixth in 2007 was held in Haikou, again under the auspices of Ha Hai, with down downs right on the beach front with lots of sitting on ice! This time to attendance was reduced cos maybe Ma Hai had pissed off so many of his 1200 friends in Sanya 2 years earlier. We didn’t even know he had that many friends.

No 7: Tianjin 2008 (photos click here)

The 2008 event was held in Tianjin between the 20th to the 22nd of June 2008. The arrival bash and registration on the Friday was at Broadies Tavern in YouYi Lu Bar Street with live music inside and overflowing onto the street terrace outside. Saturdays run in the fields of Yang Liu Qin had 3 starts on differing lengths which culminated in the same finish point by a fishing pond under some well needed tree shade where the circle and oN oN BBQ was held. Sunday saw a city run starting from Broadies, passing the sights of the city such as the old quarters, the Olympic stadium, the radio tower and finally along the side of the water park to the oN oN venue in a military restaurant. For those not leaving immediately a second circle passed away the afternoon back at Broadies.

No 8: Guangzhou 2009 (photos click here)

The eighth, organized by Guangzhou HHH, was coupled with their 1000th run on 12-14 June 2009. Registration and bus departures were from the Xin Yue Xin hotel strategically located near all the bars for the pub crawl on Friday night after registration. The runs on Saturday at LuoboShan started from different points but finished at one big playground together. The runs were very WET! The ballbuster was 19.6kms, the long 12kms and cares about the short at a mere 8k. The Sunday run was thru the natural spring park over Baiyun mountain.

No 9: Qingdao 2010 (photos click here)

The ninth, organized by Qingdao HHH, was held 2-5 Sept 2010. Friday rego was at LPG bar followed by a party at the Tsingdao Brewery in Beer Street. Buses on Sat started from the Hai Qing Hotel and the runners met the walkers at the TV tower for a beer stop, then both trails went down to the broadwalk along the seaside to finish on beach no 3 for the circle. There was a surprisingly significant amount of off road running for what was basically still a city run. The trails were set by Bush Ranger and Lickamick. Dinner was at Golden Hans followed by party at Lennon Bar. Sunday run and walk started from HiSense mall and went thru the Olympic Marina before winding along the coast then cutting back to Hong Kong Square for the circle. Again a lot of non road running even though within the city. Run and walk set by Jelly Mellow and Bicurious

No 10: Beijing 2011 (photos click here)

Nash Hash Logo 2011The 10th was organized by the Beijing Chapters in and around the capital. Friday 2 Sept was event registration at Mercure Hotel followed by kick-off party at R Bar Renaissance Shuangjing, entertainment by The Beijing Beatles. Saturday 3 Sept was the Great Wall runs hosted by the Boxer Hash. Sunday 4 Sept
the The Beijing HHH run #1500 was at Summer Palace.

No 11: Hong Kong 2012 (photos click here)

ACNH2012The 11th was hosted by the combined Hong Kong chapters. Friday saw registration at Insiders, Wanchai, This was followed by 2 events. Friday Hash Run from Lockhart Rd playground at 18.45 to Wanchai Gap. Hares Hopeless and F3M and Wanchai Hash/Blood Run/Mish Mash Bar Hop from Insiders to The Queen Vic, The Old China Hand, Spicy Fingers Joe Bananas, The Wanch, Carnegies and finally The Canny Man. Hares: Camel, Haggis, Dr Evil and Roomboy.

Saturday had a Ballbreaker hosted by the Free China hash in the New Territories. Hares, Oral Sex Therapist and Idiot. A run in Yuen Long hosted by the Little Sai Wan hash. Hares Ivana Newcock and Thermal Dick. The Northern New Territories hash hosted a run in Lok Keng. Hare: Dingaling. The eventual site of the bash, Lok Ma Chau had a run hosted by Saikung Saturday hash. Hare Gunpowder Plod.

The oN oN Bash was at Tit Hang Dragon Fruit Farm, Lok Ma Chau with entertainment.

Sunday saw 4 more runs, namely, West Kowloon hosted by Kowloon hash. Hare: Shit lipstick, Shing Mun hosted by Sek Kong hash. Hare: Septic Wank, Sham Tseng, Tai Lam Country Park. hosted by Wanchai. Hare: Bondi Barbie and a Bike hash in west new territories hosted by the Northern New Territories hash. Hares: Golden Balls and G-spot. The oN oN site was at Butterfly Beach, Tuen Mun with food from Shafi’s.

No 12: Shanghai 2013. (photos, click here)

ACNH2013The 12th saw the event return to Shanghai, 6-8 September, 2013. The event included the first ever Rusty Man challenge on the Sunday morning which entailed consuming a full English breakfast with bloody Mary, followed by a 5k run with a litre of beer to be consumed after every km. The last 100 yards involved an egg and spoon dash. As in hash tradition, everyone who competed was a winner. The Venue, Grub n Groove, The Loft, Jianguo Xi Lu. The idea came from Haggis and hared by Master Wanker. Winner was Rawhide from Wanchai Hash.

It was a full weekend even though the total attendance was only 99 due to some admin challenges the combined Shanghai hash kennels had experienced in the run up to the event.

The DOGS (Distinguished Overseas Gentlemen of Shanghai) hosted a Prelube on Thursday the 5th.

Friday saw a welcome registration at Mexo at the Bund, Wharf 1846, Waimu Lu and a city run set by the POSH (Harriets). Saturday boasted 2 runs. The ballbuster was on a mountain outside Suzhou and set by the Suzhou hash. The other was set by the Drunken Dragon and held on the flat lands also to the west of Shanghai. After the runs and circles, the packs met at the restaurant at the site of the shorter run. An oN oN oN ensued at the hash bar with live music.

Sunday’s run was around the concessions around the start point of the Grub n Groove, somewhat a repeat for those still alive after the Rusty Man. Lunch ensued in a nearby locale and those who didn’t leave went back to Grub n Groove to drink the afternoon (and evening) away.

No 13: Xiamen (Huandaolu) 2014 13-15 June 2014. (photos, click here)

ACNH 2014 logoFriday, registration at Bailuzhou hotel, followed by 5.7km city river run from the hotel with one beer stop ending up at The Orient hash bar on Guanren Lu. Many stayed on into the wee hours to watch World Cup soccer games, most notably the Dutch. Hare: Senora Aureola.

Saturday, runners departed at intervals to various start points for Rambos (16.4km/640m elevation change. Hares: A.N.A.L. and Small Cups) left from hotel, buses took runners to start points for long run (10.0km/350m elevation change. Hares: Speedy Gonzalez and Sanitary Pads) from the east gate botanical gardens and short (5.4km/180 elevation change. Hares: Rustle in the Bush and Crabs) runs from Zhenzhuwan garden. Over mountains and along the beach with 2 or 3 beer stops to the eventual circle site in a disused car park of a closed down restaurant. On oN bash in Jiali Restaurant, Huandao Nan Lu.

Sunday, buses departed for ferry to Gulangyu. Short walk (3.9km) and long run (6.1km) intertwined around the island from the ferry station which was the start and the finish point. Hares: Rimmer and Color Wolf. Back to the mainland for a lunch bash at Dafengyuan restaurant, Zengcuo’an Xi Lu and namings in the garden.

No 14: Hangzhou 22-24 May 2015. (general images click here)

Nash_Hash_DnC_400PxThursday saw a sort of full moon run from Maya Bar. It stared in the dark and ended close to midnight. The circle was outside the KTV in the sport stadium opposite. Hares: Private Parts and Pain in the Clit. (photos here).

Friday had registration from 1pm at the Grand Metropark on Pinghai Lu, and generally slumming around in the garden until the run. The run was round the city landmarks starting and finishing at the venue, circle in the Garden. Hare: Private Parts. (photos here)

Saturday morning saw the second ever rusty man challenge with about 30 keen hashers. A full english breakfast was served on the 21st floor executive lounge area together with a bloody Mary, all mandatory, followed by a 5km run with a beer stop each km, then an egg and spoon challenge around the garden including fences, ponds, hurdles etc. Hares: Haggis from Wanchai (founder) and Magic Footlong For the second time, a MOOS was the winner, Spitters are quitters from Shanghai Hash.

Saturday had 3 runs, a ballbuster 19km, a long 12km and a short 8 km. Buses took people to the start and the end for all runs was the roof top of a restaurant in nine creeks area with nice view of mountains and the river. Bash on site. BB hares were Gasbag, Cums too quick and Pain in the Clit. LR hares: Private Parts, Ring of Fire and Phonebox. SR hares: Sweet FA and Heavy Junk. (photos here)

Sunday had one run which started at the bell tower a short bus ride from the venue and finished in a restaurant with great circle area and limited interference from the IPs somewhere south of the mountains. Hares: Private Parts, Pain in the Clit, Pussy Galore and Small Cups. (photos here)

No 15: Guangzhou – 31 March – 4 April 2016.  (For photos click here)

ACNH 2016 GZH LogoGuangzhou had five days instead of the usual 3 or 4. Thursday, March 31 was a Prelube Hash gathering at Mango Bar then subway to Xicun Metro Exit B (Line 5) for A to A.

Friday, April 1, Fool Moon City Run gathering at Mango Bar for A Point Liede Metro Exit C (Line 5). Main Event, Saturday, April 2, Ballbuster, Long, Medium & Walkers trails. Sunday, April 3, Hangover Hash. Buses to and from Mango Bar for an A to B, bash on site then bus back early to Mango to party. Monday, April 4 – Rusty Man Challenge. 9:30am depart Mango Bar for breakfast and Bloody Mary at Paddy Fields, circle at Mango Bar.

No 16: Chengdu – 10-12 March 2017. (For photos click HERE)

CTU ACNH 2017aFriday 10th: Registration at Lazy Pub followed by city run to Frazer Suites for terrace circle and dinner buffet. Hares: Walk was Four Lips, Left Handed Keyboard & Drunken Nonuts, Run was Pussycat & Free Hanging. Saturday 11th: Rusty Man challenge from and to Lazy Pug with live hare on beer tricycle. Then buses to Tumenzi Reservoir for walk, medium and ballbuster runs. Hare: Vanilla Rice. Sunday 12th: Also CPH3 Run 500. Hangover run meet at exit B 2 of LongQuan station, end of line 2. Hot pot lunch on site. Hares: Walk was Hardly Hard, run was Seldom Cums.

No 17: Beijing – 15-17 September 2017 (Photos coming soon)

ACNH 2017 BJG Logo

Friday, September 15th
2:00 PM Registration and warm-up drinks at the Hash Hotel
6:00 PM Full Moon Hash and Circle
9:00 PM Nash Hash Kick-off Party: western buffet, live music, 3 hours free-flow beer, wine, Long Island iced tea.
Saturday, September 16th
10:00 AM Boxer Hash on the Gubeikou wild Great Wall
Walkers, Runners & Ball Buster.
6:00 PM Countryside Bash
Sunday, September 17th
8:30 AM Rusty Man Breakfast
11:00 AM Beijing Hash Hangover Run in 798 Art District
1:00 PM Circle
2:00 PM Bash
3:30 PM Finished (Normally <30min to airport by taxi)

The event hotel for the weekend was the lovely Crystal Orange Hotel Beijing Jiuxianqiao (北京酒仙桥桔子水晶酒店) with rooms at 490rmb/night rate for double occupancy.

18th: Shekou – 21-23 September 2018

Thursday 20st September
19:00 – Shekou pub crawl run – pay as you go

Friday 21st Sept.

Shekou moonlight-logo-A


14:00 – 18:30 Registration – Snake Pit, Shop 117, District C, Seaworld, Shekou, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
19:00 Moonlight run – Snake Pit
20:30 Circle – Near the big tree
21:15 Dinner Party at X-ta-sea


Saturday 22nd Sept.

acnh-logo10:00 – 13:00 Registration – Snake Pit
11:30 Ballbuster bus to A
12:30 Ballbuster start from A
13:30 Remaning buses to A
14:30 Run/Walk start from A
17:00 Circle. 19:00 Dinner
20:30 Buses to Snake Pit arrive 21:30


Sunday 23rd Sept.

Rusty Man Logo Shekou 201809:30 Rusty Man’s gather at Snake Pit
10:00 Rusty Man start – Snake Pit
10:30 Rusty Man breakfast
11:15 Rusty Man continued
12:00 Rusty Man Circle
12:45 Hangover busses leave
13:15 Hangover run starts
14:30 Circle.16:00 Bash – Snake Pit


19th: Dongguan – 1-3 November 2019

More info cuming soon.


Previous Rusty Man Winners to date

  1. 2013 Shanghai – Rawhide, Wanchai Hash
  2. 2015 Hangzhou – Spitters are Quitters, Shanghai Hash
  3. 2016 Guangzhou – Agent Orgy, Beijing Hash
  4. 2017 HKG – Lost in Translation, Wanchai Hash
  5. 2017 Chengdu – Bull Ride Her, Xiamen Hash
  6. 2017 Beijing – Busy Lips, Minneapolis Hash
  7. 2018 Shekou – Shake & Puke, Shekou Hash