Dormant Hash Kennels

Dormant Hashes – Mainland 

Information as last known for now Dormant Hash Kennels in the mainland

Guilin HashGuilin HHH

Founded by Eric “Caishitu” Huang on 15th May 2005 Frequency: Run weekly on Sat 3pm.

If you are interested in restarting this hash? Then contact Julian from via email ‘’.

Aotou HHH

Founded by Paul “Shiggy” Wilkes and Malcolm “Ain’t Got One” Gordon on 3rd March 2003 Family Hash running each Saturday from the Sunrise cafe at 15.00hrs.

Chongqing Chilli HHH

Guiyang Ba Ba HHH

Founded by: Mr Joe ‘Tightarse’ and Mrs “Mountain Hawk” Hawksworth & Geoff ‘KL’ Connor, 26 Apr 1999

Nanchang HashNanchang HHH

Founded by: Sarah Won and Steven “Superman” Brosch on 10 July 2005 Meets one Sunday per month from Escape Bar Contacts: Sarah “Pig’s Breast” Won. Email: Steve “Superman” Brash. Email:

Dali Hash House Harriers

Dali Hash LogoMixed hash that runs occasionally. Started by Anthony at Paglino in 20XX??



Dormant Hashes – Hong Kong/Macau  

Information as last known for now Dormant hash kennels in Hong Kong & Macau

mmh3_for_hashchina.comMacau Mens Hash

Founded by: Carey “Sheik MeMe” on March 17, 2008. Met last Monday of the month.


Hong Kong Blood Runners

Founded by: John “BJ” Moss, on the 27th April 2002. Frequency/Meeting point: Last Saturday of each month, must wear a red T-shirt. Men only.

Hang Hau Hen HHH

No info available

Hang Hau HHH

No info available

Hebe Haven HHH

No info available

Gourmet Running Club

Formed by hashers who resigned from the Royal South Side HHH after the “disgusting Affair”

Dormant Hashes – Taiwan 

Information as last known for now Dormant hash kennels in Taiwan

TainanTainan HHH

Founded by: Joel Gauson, Mike Cowan, Annie Cowan & Christina Too on 28 Oct 2001. Frequency/Meeting point: Last Sunday of the month at 3pm summers and 4pm winters. Hash pub: Willy’s Second Base, 321 Jian Kang Road Section 2, Tainan