Hong Kong & Macau

Hong Kong

HKG HHH logoHong Kong HHH (H4) Last updated Mar2015

Founded by: John Beavon, 23rd February 1970 by John Beavon and Malcolm Glass. Meets Mondays at 6.00pm. (Men only)


kh3_new_masterKowloon HHH (KH3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded by: Chris Rowe and Ian Hendrie on 26th October 1970 Meets Mondays at 6.30pm. (Men Only) Contacts: general email: kowloon.hash@gmail.com

HK Friday hashHong Kong Friday HHH (HKFH3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded 29th Feb 2008 by Mark ‘Hopeless’ Hope & John ‘Thermal Dick’ Campbell. Runs 2nd or 3rd Friday of month, 7pm. Mixed hash. Contact: HKFridayHash@gmail.com. Facebook link:  www.facebook.com/groups/197105523127

ladiesh4 logoLadies of Hong Kong HHH (LH4) Last updated Oct 2017

Founded by: Hilary Prior on 15 June 1971 Runs on Tuesdays at 6.45pm; (Ladies only). Email: via contact us tab on website. Male visitors welcome but obey the rules.


littlesaiwanlogoLittle Sai Wan HHH (LSWH3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded by: John Walsh and Russel Fidler on 17 January 1979. Runs every Wednesday 7pm. (mixed hash)

n2th3_masterNorthern New Territories HHH (N2TH3) Last updated Mar 2015

Founded by: Geordie Pepper and a mixed group of British Army, Australian Navy, ‘China Listeners’ and some civvies got together to form N2TH3 on 27th June 1983. Meets at Hong Lok Yuen, Near Tai Po. Every Wednesday 7.15pm

RS2H3aRoyal South Side HHH (RS2H3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded by Ashley Adams on 18 May 1978. Meets every Thursday 6.45pm. Gentlemen only.


sksh3aSai Kung Saturday HHH (SKSH3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded: 17th Feb 2007 by Guy “Gunpowder Plod” Shirra. Meets 5pm (Summer) 4pm (Winter) at “Plod’s Pagoda”, Wan King Path, Sai Kung . Contact: GM Demeritus gunpowderplod@gmail.com.

Sek Kong HHH LogoSek Kong HHH (SKH3) Last updated Mar2010

Founded on 31 December 1974 Meet at Wishing tree Dai Pai Dong, Lam-Tsuen every Sunday at 4pm (3pm winter) Mixed Hash. Email: sekkongh3@yahoo.com

SLH3 LOGO3South Lantau HHH (SLH3) Last updated Jun2014)

Family Hash, Roam like a Buffalo. drink like a fish. Founded by Tim ‘Slog’ Thane and Sluppie on 16th of Sept, 2013. Runs once a month on a Saturday. Run details on the website http://lantauhash.wordpress.com

T8HHH logoT8 HHH (T8H3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded by Tim Bywater-Lees and Tymon Mellor in 1993, with the first run in August 1995 in tropical storm Helen. If T8 signal is raised before or at 8am meet at noon, after 8am meet at 4pm, no run if the signal comes down before 11am. (adult hash). Facebook : www.facebook.com/groups/248282485281689

wh3 - OnOn (white - red - black)Wanchai HHH (WH3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded 10 April 1988 by Howard “Dances with Dogs” McKay and Bruce “Shirley Temple” Fletcher Runs on Sundays at 4.00pm; (mixed hash) Contact: wanchaih3@gmail.com

fch3_newFree China HHH (FCH3) Last updated Mar2015

Founded in 1994 by Acorn, Hump Thee Dump Thee and Grandpa Masturbator. Mixed hash runs 1pm once a month on Sat. Meets at junction of Jaffe Rd & Fenwick St.  Facebook : www.facebook.com/FreeChinaHash

HKH2BHong Kong Babes HHH (HKH2B) Last updated Mar2015

Runs every two months on a Saturday at 3.30pm. Live hare and Girls only hash. Venue details published on blogspot.



TMH3_forhashchina.comTaipa Macau HHH

Founded by: Rob ‘The Captain” Kirby in 2 June 1998. Runs usually every Saturday at 4.00pm, Details Announced in advance. Meet at Sports Bar, Nam San (near the Jockey Club) Taipa. Contact email: gm@macauhash.com