Taiwan Kennels

ms-icon-310x310China HHH (updated March 2010)

Founded by: Don ‘Organ’ Hammond, Bergman & Bob ‘Jolly Good’ Jacques on 13 March 1973. Mixed Adult Hash which runs every Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm. Email: info@chinahash.org


Douliu_H3Douliu Hash

Founded by Glenn “Dirty Dick of Touliu” DeVilliers and Vicky “Four Stiff” Tseng on June 27, 2009. Runs last Saturday of every month meeting at the Douliu Baseball Stadium at 13:00 unless otherwise noted on Facebook.

Formosa-Hash-logoFormosa HHH

Founded by: Jean “Domestic Violence” Peng and Eveline Wathen in 7 Dec 1996. Runs once a month in and outskirts around Taipei (female hash). Contact Joanna “European Union” Lai. Email: joannalai@seed.net.tw

hsinchuhashHsinchu HHH (Updated Mar 2010)

Founded in April 1999 by: Dick Hare and Cocksucker. Mixed hash, runs monthly. Live runs. Meet 1pm the last Saturday of every month at the Thai restaurant on JieShao Rd, just off KuanFu Rd. Email: hsinchuhash@gmail.com

Kaohsiung CrestKaoshiung HHH (Updated Mar 2010)

Founded by Mike McFarland, Stan Zaucha, Barry Stehler, Tom Weinman, Tom Davidson, Fred Hansen, Ken Hatcher & Dwight George on 16 Sept 1973 Meets 9am first Sun of month for family run. Adult only runs, alternate Fri 7:30pm & Sat 1pm. kaohsiunghash@yahoo.com

Taipei Hash LogoTaipei HHH (Updated Apr 2010)

Founded by: Don ‘Organ’ Hammond, Zeke ‘Slobbo’ Haffman, Mike McFarline and Bob Jacques on 4th February, 1973. Meets every Saturday afternoon at 3pm. All Male Hash. Email: taipeihash@gmail.com

Taiwan Bear NewTaiwan Bear HHH

Founded by: Wildman, 3 March 2001. Mixed group runs every Saturday 2.30 to 3pm. Contact: Sean “Rubbish” Chiang, email: sean.chiang@msa.hinet.net

TaichungTaichung HHH (updated March 2010)

Founded by Gerhard the German and Graham Pritchard in Oct 1997 Mixed hash that meets every Sat except the last Sat of the month at the McDonalds on WenXin Road at 1pm. General email: taichungh3@mac.com

NTH3_Logo-1New Taipei Hash House Harriers

Founded in 2013, New Taipei Hash is a fun hash for all the family. Running on Sunday afternoons around Taipei you can be assured of a family friendly hash alternative to CH³ at NTH³

S_MetroHashLogo_L.jpgTaipei Metro Hash

Originally founded: 10 April 2002. Mixed hash meets Wednesday evenings at ??. Venue according to website.

What_H3Wednesday Hash at TaoYuan (WHAT) HHH.

Founded in 2012 by ???. Runs every Wednesday in Tao Yuan.

Mixed run meets Wednesday, time??, place check website.

TNT_H3The Night Taipei (TNT) HHH

Friday night at ???, mixed hash.